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Webbi is a European software company with headquarters in Germany and Hungary. Our primary markets are the European Union and North America. With our products and services, we provide high quality support to solve our customers' development problems, whether it's the creation and management of a simple landing page or the development of a complex webshop. Our core competencies are web and application development with decades of experience in sales, development, IT management and project management.

Our clients are both large international companies and key players in the Hungarian market. We usually work with multinational companies, therefore we provide our services at an exceptionally high level. Our Munich headquarter is responsible for the consulting and development activities. The Budapest office is responsible for product development and support. Although our primary target market is the European Union, a dedicated sales and service team serves the Hungarian Market. In the Hungarian market we serve the biggest players on the market like the OTP Group and Vienna Insurance Group (Aegon)


The founder of Webbi is Peter Notarius, who developed his first IT program at the age of 10.

His successes include the creation of the National Széchényi Holiday Card and the Pension Fund/Health Fund systems, as well as the development of UPC's logistics and workforce planning processes.

Other members of our team have similarly exciting backgrounds.

Ever heard of the white hacker?

This mysterious person is a member of our team, and thanks to him, we are better than the average webshop: the upgraded system provides more guaranteed protection we continuously audit our products Webbi has an agile Full Stack development team with a decade of experience, for whom IT and Quality Assurance are the most important, modern and user friendly solutions are guaranteed.

Webbi has an agile Full Stack development team with a decade of experience, for whom IT and quality assurance are important, modern and user friendly solutions are guaranteed..

Our vision

Flexibility, Freedom. In the first round. Employees' free time and privacy are important to us. Everyone works in a home office from where they like (beach, train, sofa). The result of this freedom and independence results in great performance.

We created a world, a dream for ourselves, in which we feel good and are willing to fight for. A dream that does not like constraints.

We think and work as a family. Individual work organization, trust. Online team progs, beer drinking, cooking. Do we meet in person? Yes. These are the real moments. This is a family where we like to create. Where work is not a burden.

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